By J. Stephen Lang

Think you recognize every little thing approximately your tom cat companion?

In 1,001 stuff you constantly desired to find out about Cats, minutiae expert and authorized cat fancier J. Stephen Lang places your whisker knowledge to the try out with 1,001 tantalizing trivialities tidbits. From myths and legends to well-known cat fans (and haters), ""catty"" words to caricature kitties, bewildering behavioral quirks to mating and motherhood, you are going to study about:
* 5 U.S. presidents who loved cats . . . and one that hated them with a passion!
* why cats get pleasure from kneading their human partners with their paws;
* a breed of cat with webbed toes who swims for his seafood supper!
* the most well-liked female and male cat names today.

With those and 997 different scrumptious minutiae morsels, you will find an abundance of unforeseen delights on each page!

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The wear used to be huge, immense, after all, yet a result of evacuation, many lives have been kept. How did the cats “know” a quake used to be coming? we will be able to purely imagine they're extra delicate to earth vibrations than are humans—or human expertise. forty seven Napoleon the weathercat Let’s face it: even with the entire technological advances in climate forecasting, your climate individual isn’t consistently correct. That was once much more precise a new release in the past, pre-Doppler. within the Thirties, a girl in Baltimore chanced on that her cat, Napoleon, used to be a greater predictor than the neighborhood forecasters.

Think about the stout-bodied, round-headed, round-eyed, snub-nosed Persians as one cat severe and the lanky, wedge-headed, slanteyed Siamese because the different. within the center are the moderate-bodied, moderate-headed and moderateeyed shorthairs. in spite of the fact that, as you’ll see within the descriptions of the longhairs, a lot of these breeds have Siamese/Oriental ancestry. a hundred and five 1,001 belongings you regularly desired to learn about Cats 205 Siamese If there’s one breed of cat that the common individual in the street acknowledges, it needs to be the Siamese (though Persian vendors will possibly not agree).

Lovers of Persians examine the ruff to be one among this breed’s most enticing positive factors. seventy nine 1,001 belongings you continually desired to learn about Cats 147 “Brush,” now not “bush” we regularly communicate of a cat or puppy as having a “bushy” tail, yet between cat fanciers, it's right to talk of the “brush” of a tail, as in “The Turkish Angora’s tail has a whole brush. ” evidently every kind of brush has its admirers, from the tremendous complete brush of Persians and Maine Coons to the essentially brushless Siamese. lovers of longhaired cats cite the lengthy, thick fur at the tails as probably the most beautiful positive factors.

Nonetheless, if it’s a feminine cat caterwauling simply because she is in warmth, you won’t manage to supply her what she wishes. ) 29 Blow equals hiss Cats fairly don’t like having air blown at them, rather of their faces. in truth, in case your cat is getting too 19 1,001 stuff you regularly desired to learn about Cats tough whereas twiddling with you, blowing in his face is an effective method to get him to backtrack. Why, on account that a gasp of air is innocuous? it appears cats affiliate blowing with hissing—their personal signal to the realm critical probability is close to.

Lady mites lay their eggs within the pores and skin, and the mites that hatch feed at the pores and skin cells. The ensuing dermis situation is usually known as mange, and the indicators are hair loss, redness, scaling and itching. it really is frustrating yet no longer harmful, and the worst factor in regards to the situation is that mites could be transferred from cats to people, and vice versa. 255 For the woodsy cat the writer, a former camp counselor, is particularly accustomed to chiggers, often known as harvest mites. they're a hundred thirty Keeping Them fit and secure universal in woodsy parts, they usually burrow into human epidermis and reason critical itching.

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