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QL351. C59 2012 590. 1′2—dc22 2011010406 at the conceal: An elephant, the most important dwelling land animal, is obvious opposed to the sweeping historical past at Kilimanjaro, northern Tanzania, Africa. Shutterstock. com. inside heritage photographs Shutterstock. com. CONTENTS advent bankruptcy 1 the range OF ANIMAL lifestyles bankruptcy 2 type and behaviour bankruptcy three ANIMALS with out BACKBONES bankruptcy four ANIMALS WITH BACKBONES end thesaurus for additional information BIBLIOGRAPHY INDEX advent Animals are in every single place.

The most a part of the physique is enclosed in a fold of tissue known as the mantle. they've got bilateral symmetry. Many varieties of mollusks are lined through a shell. ARTHROPODS: the biggest staff OF ANIMALS The phylum Arthropoda (“jointed foot”) has the most important variety of species. in reality, approximately eighty five percentage of recognized species are arthropods, and bugs on my own make up approximately seventy five percentage of recognized species. different arthropods comprise the centipedes and millipedes; the arachnids (spiders, scorpions, ticks, mites); and the crustaceans (barnacles, crabs, crayfish, lobsters, shrimp, water fleas).

Within the replete gallery (G) are the employee ants whose improved abdomens include surplus meals for the colony. In one other room (E), employee ants are digging a brand new chamber. Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc. so much of an ant’s lifestyles is spent in its nest with from a couple of to greater than 1000000 different members. a few ants dig chambers and passages within the flooring; others find their nests lower than rocks, in timber, or in logs. an easy ant farm might be made up of items of glass geared up into 4 sections of grooved wooden and set on a wood base.

As well as exploring its diversified choice of species as viewers, the general public can make the most of one in all its many academic courses or camps. global natural world Fund (WWF) U. S. Headquarters 1250 twenty fourth highway NW P. O. field 97180 Washington, DC 20090 (202) 293-4800 site: http://www. worldwildlife. org The WWF is an international association devoted to conserving the planet’s a number of lifestyles kinds. it truly is famous for medical learn and advocacy projects on a number of conservation-related issues, with a different emphasis on natural world and usual habitats.

SPINY-SKINNED ANIMALS One phylum with the features of numerous others is the Echinodermata (“spiny-skinned”). All participants of the gang, such as sea stars (commonly known as starfish), sea urchins, sea cucumbers, and sea lilies, dwell in salt water—some within the shallow coastline waters, others within the ocean depths. The younger, referred to as larvae, have bilateral symmetry, however the adults have radial symmetry, just like the cnidaria. The Echinodermata have an endoskeleton, or skeleton that's embedded within the flesh.

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