Following within the footsteps of DK's bestselling grownup name Animal, which offered in far more than 2 million copies, Animals: a visible Encyclopedia unearths the wonders of the animal state to a more youthful readership.

  • Structured by means of animal staff with separate entries for each striking kind of animal, from ants and aardvarks to wasps and wallabies
  • Fact documents offer key info on habit, distribution, nutrition, and conservation issues
  • Action images unearths wild animals interacting of their local habitats and places usual habit in context
  • Highlights animals probably to fireside the mind's eye of younger minds: the deadliest, the biggest, the friendliest, the quickest, and the downright strangest

Supports the typical middle nation Standards.

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They devour a variety of nutrition together with fruit, nuts, berries, leaves, seeds, plant life, bugs, and small animals. universal marmoset Tufted capuchin Callithrix jacchus Cebus apella 12 35 five MAMMALS ■ 6 ■ ■ ■ ■ universal marmosets are strange between primates simply because they've got clawlike nails rather than actual nails. They use those to aid them hold vertically to tree trunks and run on all fours alongside branches. those marmosets consume tree sap in addition to fruit and bugs. those clever monkeys consume as a rule fruit, yet additionally they devour nuts, eggs, bugs, and different small animals.

It bites in the course of the mid rib of a leaf in order that it collapses to shape a roof to sleep less than. not like many different bats, this fruit bat feeds on my own. African straw-colored fruit bat Eidolon helvum 21 ■ size 7 in (18 cm) Weight 10 oz. (280 g) ■ Wingspan 30 in (76 cm) ■ position Africa ■ this can be one of many greater species of fruit bat. It roosts in huge colonies of among 100,000 and a million participants. The bats exit at evening in small teams to go looking for nutrition. They devour typically fruit yet they don't consume the total fruit.

Five m) ■ Weight as much as 12 lb (5. five kg) ■ vitamin usually fishes ■ place Caribbean and the Americas this can be the smallest of the 8 pelicans, and it's the just one that dives after fishes. It plunges headfirst, mouth vast open, scooping up fishes in its huge throat pouch. the load of the capture can frequently hinder the pelican from flying. FACTFILE variety of species: sixty seven Key good points: 4 webbed feet on every one foot; diving species have small or closed nostrils (some breathe via their mouths); nest in huge colonies.

Asia ■ size 7–8 in (18–21 cm) vitamin Small fishes, crustaceans, mollusks, larvae ■ place Europe, N. Africa, N. Asia ■ The dipper is located via fast-running streams and rivers. It swims good, and will stroll alongside riverbeds thoroughly submerged whereas it searches for nutrients. while the dipper isn't really within the water, it perches on rocks by means of the riverbank, always bobbing its physique up and down. This dipping motion is how the chook bought its identify. 7 17 ■ ■ ■ ■ size nine in (23 cm) vitamin Berries, bugs, worms, slugs, snails ■ place Europe, North Africa, N.

It has effectively competed opposed to Australia’s frogs and toads for house and meals, and brought on local animal deaths. Marine toads lay loads of eggs—it’s anticipated approximately 30,000 at a time. notwithstanding maybe quite a few of those make it to maturity, it’s partially why marine toads are such a success. The eggs hatch in 3 days, and the younger develop quickly. vitamin Marine toads will devour whatever they could capture. Their vitamin is composed mostly of bugs, yet may well comprise various rodents, smaller frogs and toads, and snakes.

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